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My ObamaCare Horror Story

ObamaCare Horror Story

Recently, I saw this post on Facebook and I knew I had to respond, to help others see the horror of ObamaCare. This is my story…

My life has changed completely. I cannot eat whatever I want anymore. There’s no toast with my morning coffee. My morning coffee isn’t even recognizable as MY morning coffee anymore. It used to be with cream and two sugars. Now, there’s no sugar. Lunch was always a simple sandwich with some fruit, but now lunch can never be a sandwich again. Dinner was like an Italian family affair with pasta dishes, laughter, and talking. Now the pasta is missing and so is the rice. Meals just aren’t the same and they never will be again.

I used to stay at home and do my household chores. When I was finished with them, I could spend my time being creative by spinning yarn, weaving, drawing, or writing. Sometimes, I would just get lost for hours on Pinterest. That has all changed. Now, every time I eat something, I am forced to be active afterwards. I have to take long walks regardless of the weather. I’m trudging around our neighborhood in 90 degree temperatures!

My schedule used to be so spontaneous. Sometimes I would stay up most of the night reading a book that was so interesting I couldn’t put it down. I would turn in at 5 or 6 in the morning and sleep until early afternoon. I was carefree and didn’t need to worry about schedules. Now I have a schedule for everything.
I never had to worry about co-pays and prescriptions, doctor visits and tests. Now, I have to pay for co-pays. I have to go to a doctor regularly…every three months! And everything three months, I have tests done. I’m being poked and prodded and this is entirely the fault of ObamaCare.

You see, before ObamaCare, I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor and so I didn’t. For years I had no idea that my body was slowly dying. I had a disease that was so well hidden. Millions have it and don’t know…and I was one of them. After ObamaCare passed, I went in for a simple blood test after I experienced some strange feelings on my feet. The doctor’s nurse called me three days later to let me know the harsh reality: I am a diabetic. They called in two prescriptions and left it at that for the time being.

I was shocked! How could I be diabetic? I started doing research and, armed with new knowledge, I scheduled another appointment that I would never have been able to schedule before ObamaCare. It turns out that diabetes, at least Type 2, has a lot to do with genetics. It’s a progressive disease too, so as time goes on I may have to add meds or even insulin. My doctor agreed to a meter so I could test my blood glucose and a dietician so I could get some ideas on healthy eating habits to control my blood glucose levels. We agreed that I could have some time to control my diabetes with diet and exercise. For now, I would skip taking the drugs.

And so began my new life. I read and researched. I tested and tweaked. I cut out sugar and reduced my carb intake dramatically. I go for a walk after every meal and I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I’ve lowered my HbA1c from a 9% to a 6.5% and I’m still going.

ObamaCare changed my life. I can’t eat the same things. I exercise now. I have a schedule. I get to keep my eyesight. I get to not further damage my kidneys or liver. I get to keep my legs. I get to finish raising my children and watch them grow up and into lives of their own with children of their own. Without ObamaCare, I wouldn’t have known I was diabetic until I had a high so high that I crashed my car while driving or passed out in a grocery store. Now I know, I’m informed, and I’m in control of my healthcare because of it.

Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, is a pre-existing condition. No one chooses to get it any more than someone would choose to get cancer. It’s real and it kills. Under Trump’s healthcare plan, it WILL kill. If this new plan passes, my horror story will just be beginning.