Something you look forward to in the next 12 months…


I imagine the next 12 months will bring so many changes for me. I am, above all things, looking forward to seeing exactly where life takes me this year.

March my son turned 16 years old. We spent time with my husband’s side of the family to celebrate.

April will be the last full month of this semester for me and in

May I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Community Leadership. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I expect to graduate Magna Cum Laude, which is pretty freaking cool.

June will officially mark the beginning of summer around here and that will also mean the beginning of some outdoor adventures for our family. We’d love to visit Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks this year as well as doing a few hikes locally to see some waterfalls.

July is always fun with the fireworks on the 4th (assuming we are not on high fire alert) and more summer fun.

August is my oldest son’s 22nd birthday and I am hoping we’ll get to see him.

September is my husband’s birthday and so I’m sure we’ll do something special for that as well.

October is Halloween which is a pretty big deal around here. We even have a headless horseman!

November is my youngest son’s birth month and he’ll be turning 14 years old. We also have our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Plus, my husband and I will celebrate 19 years of marriage.

December is, of course, Christmas time and with that comes all of the beautiful lights. Plus, I’m usually busy with custom orders for gifts.

January is the beginning of a new year, which always feels like a new start for me.

February is my birth month and I’ll welcome yet another year with open arms.

Over the next year my focus will be on getting to the place I want to be as I move from college to career. This involves becoming much more active so I can be in shape and possibly checking out some resume and cover letter courses from Job Service so I can be prepared with the best possible paper foot forward. Odds are pretty good that a career might involve moving to a surrounding town somewhere, so that is also an option. Plus, with starting a new career we’re considering the possibility that we may need a new vehicle so we both have a car to drive.

I really want to spend more time writing poetry and short stories, especially after graduation gives me the extra free time to do that.



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