Basic Things About ME


One of my friends posted a blog with a 30-day Writing Challenge. (You can view that blog here) I thought it might be fun to give it a try. Day 1 is Basic things about yourself.

  1. I turned 40 this year. I remember being a teenager and thinking that 40 was so old. Now I’m 40 and it doesn’t feel old at all. I am, however, quite cognizant of the fact that it may seem that way to others.
  2. I have been married 18 years. My husband would tell you that it seems a lot longer. The secret to our marriage is his sense of humor and our shared stubbornness. He swears he is going to get me a card on our 25th Wedding Anniversary that says, “If I would have killed you when I met you, I’d be out by now.” He has had this planned since day 1.
  3. I have had four children. People ask and I never quite know how to answer. It seems complicated for general conversation. My first child was a boy. He is now 21 with a child of his own. I did not raise him myself, but that story is far too complicated. My second child was a girl. She died 24 hours before she was to be born and therefore, was stillborn. Her name was ShaunnaMichelle. My third child is a boy. He is 16 today. My how the time flies. He looks nothing like me and yet Facebook declares that he is my evil twin. I don’t know about the “evil” part as we can both be quite the troublemakers, but twin seems pretty accurate. I’m proud of him. My fourth child is a boy. He is 13. He looks almost exactly like me, though in much better shape. He is strong willed and smart. I have no doubts he will go far in life if he can rein in his temper.
  4. I expect to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Criminal Justice on May 7, 2016. It has been a long road in school, but that was mostly because I wanted to learn everything. I’ve taken psychology, writing, Spanish, computers, community leadership, and criminal justice courses, among so many others. I loved them all and I really think a part of me could absolutely be a student forever. I’ve had some of the best professors too.
  5. I like seeing vivid colors. I also love using them in my creative expressions. I like the view of a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, the full moon, and the clouds before a hurricane. I love the scent of rain, men’s cologne, fresh cut grass, leather, raw silk, and puppy breath. I love the sound of kittens purring, a child’s belly laugh, music with a good drum beat, and the sound of a fan at night. I love the feel of the cold spray from a waterfall, the burn in your muscles after a fun hike, the brush of cashmere against your skin, and the prickles of kittens kneading on your arm. I love the taste of hot tea, chocolate over strawberries, caramel in coffee, and Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts.
  6. I hate peas, potatoes, liver, onions, and peppers. I hate trying new foods. My brother-in-law calls me a communist because I don’t like potatoes. It’s a running joke. I hate the smell of skunks, cigarette smoke, diesel fuel, and deep fried anything. I hate seeing child abuse, animal abuse, hate, bigotry, and apathy. I hate hearing people chew, ice chipping, people fighting, children crying, and needless machines making racket. I hate the feel of a commercial wool sweater. They are itchy. I hate the feel of hot sheets, a dog’s tongue, a thin coffee cup, a too-thick tea cup, and popcorn kernels in your teeth.
  7. I believe in our justice system. I believe in law. I believe in community. I believe in standing together. I believe in love. I believe that, while things can always improve, we must work with what we have. I believe in resilience. I believe in moving forward. I believe in I can and I will. I believe in personal power. I believe in education. I appreciate those who see the good in life, even when faced with adversity.
  8. I do not like those who hurt others. I do not like those who cannot capture their own strengths and make a difference, even with help. I despise the victim role and applaud the survivor.
  9. I like hiking to waterfalls, geocaching, and fishing when I actually manage to catch something. I love beading. I love spinning yarn and knitting. I love art and writing. I love pretty much any form of creative expression and enjoy trying new ones.
  10. I am absolutely passionate about law enforcement and it is my dream to be a police officer.

If you would like to know something I haven’t spoken about, please ask! If you are participating in this challenge, feel free to link in the comments!


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I'm a married mother to two teen boys. We live in Montana with our two cats. I'm a college graduate and an artist. View all posts by ShaunnaMichelle

One response to “Basic Things About ME

  • msbooknerd10

    Awesome! Loved learning more about you. I didn’t even think of listing the sounds I love … but I’ll add a few here. I love the sound of the saxophone. Children laughing. Rain. All great sounds to me. I, too, hate the smell of cigarette smoke, fuel, and skunks. I like onions, potatoes, peppers (although not too spicy), and peas if they’re in something like a stew, soup, or pot pie. 🙂 And, thank you for thinking to link my blog. Very nice of you!

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