What’s in a Name?


     The name of this blog came about by way of a conversation with one of my Literature Professors. He once said that a piece of writing is never quite finished, you just reach a point when you are prepared to release it to the world and that becomes your published piece. Basically you are, as a writer, constantly in a state of “rough draft”. I have found this to be true for almost all of the things I write. I look back on something I have written and find ways to write it better, more succinctly. I pull out these writings and edit them from time to time. Nothing ever feels “finished”, just “finished enough”. It is with that understanding that I write. Knowing that I will go back and change things later or maybe not at all. Sometimes, you put your piece out there and hope that it is finished enough to move people. So is the case with this blog. I hope that the pieces I put here are finished enough to move you.


About ShaunnaMichelle

I'm a married mother to two teen boys. We live in Montana with our two cats. I'm a college graduate and an artist. View all posts by ShaunnaMichelle

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